CGI Fab Ice Lolly

CGI Fab Ice Lolly

So a while ago I thought I’d take part in a weekend challenge that’s set at a 3D art forum called

The weekends subject was ‘frozen’. The rest is completely left open to the artists interpretation. After 6 hours work I was rather chuffed with the results. Fab Ice Lolly by Paul Joyce, shown below:

Blender CGI Rendered Fab Ice Lolly
Blender competition entry for ‘frozen’ theme – Fab Ice Lolly by Paul Joyce

The purpose of entering these types of contests is to turn around a piece of artwork quickly, so you don’t get bogged down ‘chasing the detail’. Produce a piece, get feedback on it, move on to the next one. Its a great way of producing non-portfolio pieces that can really push your skills forward, regardless of discipline.

Most agree that regardless to whether its 3D art, water colouring or sketching, its the constant devotion and practise that turns an amateur artist into a professional.

Unfortunately after realising I wanted to enter this competition, I noticed I was horrible busy for the weekend (nothing new there then!). This meant that instead of having the 3-4 days to create a 3D scene/object, I only had the evening to do the whole thing. In 6 hours though I think I managed to do quite well, especially as 75% of what I was doing I’d never attempted before.

Andrew Price, a great source of material and inspiration to the Blender community (@, said one of the best tips to improving at CGI is to turn out a piece of art once a week. That’s a lot, but this was my first every finished piece. Maybe more will follow :)

Sanne's Waiting for Spring
Winning Entry

I realise I played it fairly safe, but then my skills and time scale didn’t leave too much else to do. Sadly I didn’t win, but I did come 4th out of 12, so that left me rather chuffed. A piece called ‘Waiting for Spring’ produced by Sanne rightly won the weekend competition.

One thing I’d definitely change if I were to do it again, would be to replace the plain vignette background with a suitable object, for example an open lolly wrapper on a bench or table. Something subtle that ties in with the image without becoming the focus.

One of the forum members gave me the following critique:

All this needs is some stylish advertising text and you’d have a sale. It looks great. The end of the stick is faceted as someone else mentioned, but I didn’t notice until someone said something. But that tells me that you did a good job of placing your subject. I was also happy to see that you got the grooves on the popcicle part. – Deltaray @ Blender Artists Forum

Hopefully I’ll get some more CGI done in the coming months, as I do enjoy creating bits of digital art. Especially since the program I used has come on leaps-and-bounds since I did this piece.



CGI: Refreshing Zombie Drink

CGI: Refreshing Zombie Drink

Zombie drinks can. CGI

Remember; a hydrated zombie is a happy zombie.

This is a CGI render I did back last year from following a few online tutorials in Blender, ending up with this little tasty looking drink.

You could say I’m dead proud of it… dead proud… get it…. oh well.

Followed Andrew Price’s tutorial on modelling and lighting this subject, however all modelling and textures are pure, that is, made by myself. (Tutorial here)

It’s definitely not perfect but at a first glance it appears almost photographic… perhaps… well ok maybe if seen through foggy glass while squinting… but still…

I’m getting better. I should attempt to re-do it using the new render engine, Cycles, to see how the lighting and textures are enhanced.

Hope you like it though :-)