If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already forgotten half the stuff that happened to you in 2012.

Last year I started using the photo sharing app’ called Instagram. Looking through my 2012 archive I’ve put together a small collection of photos that represent the things I’m thankful for, for it is said:

I will give you thanks in the great assembly;
among the throngs I will praise you.
[Psalm 35:18 NIV]

For freelance work, happy clients & a salary

Although it would be nice to have more coppers in the old money jar, I never needed more than I had. 2012 was a year of long days and some 70+ hour weeks – but through those times I met some great clients and even better friends. Friends who came alongside and taught me many a new skills.

work keyboard-freelance-work

For friends, new and old

I find it hard thinking back and realising that I didn’t know several of my closest friends this time last year. It’s been a pleasure getting to know them and building on existing friendships too.

new-friends friends


For rest and relaxation

Taking time out of work is hugely important and something I must discipline myself with more in 2013. Whether its relaxing with friends over coffee, or strolling through frosty parks on your own, it’s definitely something we all must find more time for.

coffee-sign cobwebs-in-the-sun port relaxing

For being able to help on Alpha

In 2012 I helped out on a couple of different Alpha courses and was able to witness lots of people giving their lives to Christ. A rather emotional roller-coaster at times, but also a great honour. Thankfully we’re only tools in the whole salvation process too.

alpha-god the-bible


For amazing talents of complete strangers

As a massive music fan of nearly every genre, it is fundamental to my day to listen to music. It can conjure up or shut down various emotions, help you focus or help you express. Films also play an important role of being used to unwind.

born-and-raised-john-mayer the-beatles-love-album cd-art the-matrix

For family

Not the obvious choice of photos for the people closest to me, but I rarely Instagram the times together with them. Much better to live the moment or take proper photos on the DSLR.
christmas-traditions broad-town japanese-sake-present me-mirror-me

For laughs, thrills and games

Many people will know that board and card games fill a small but significant part of my life. Great excuse to bring friends and strangers together; over wine, sugar or pizza

chrononauts-game enchiladas-and-friends dvds settlers-of-catan

To 2013…

I hope every reader of my blog, and every friend who doesn’t, a prosperous and blessed 2013. Where we take the rough with the smooth, acknowledging the bad and being thankful for the good.

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