Rant over Facebook’s New Events

More Facebook failingsOur lives are changing again. Why?

Cos’ the Facebook Elves has been tinkering again.

These aren’t even the nice Christmas Elves either, these are the ones that add more useless features to the highly addictive system they’ve built. Features that aren’t needed, are badly implemented, and detract from the fact Facebook used to be useful (and fun).

Today’s rant is about their new promoted upcoming events.

We’re used to being told of upcoming events in the top right corner of our ‘wall’. Those events were the ones we’d been invited to and either hadn’t RSVP’d or had reluctantly accepted. They were borderline useful. They’d remind you that the friends gathering tonight is at Adam’s house and not Pete’s, or that it was at the slightly earlier time of 5pm for example.

However, now we’re being told of upcoming events that our friends are going to. So event’s we specifically haven’t been invited too. Well isn’t that nice.

Well either your friends haven’t told you they’re going (i.e. they’re not overly bothered to ask you to join them) or they know you wont/can’t join them. Or perhaps a 3rd more shocking reason – you’re not actually friends! It’s a shock to suggest such a thing… I do apologise. I’m sure we’re all extremely close to the 100(?), 200(?), or even 500 ‘friends’ we have on Facebook.

Less and less control on Facebook events
Further loss of control on Facebook with their new ‘upcoming events’ posts

Over the last 24 hours I’ve been told of Steak House events in other countries. Oh and a sewing event some 50 miles away! Now I’m seeing a Christmas Carol service 100 miles away.

I guess the Facebook engineers actually think that we’re all really chummy and ready to drop everything to spend a few minutes with any of the 100’s of friends we have on Facebook. In my experience, that’s not what any Facebook user is like.

So how exactly does this latest change enhance my user experience of Facebook? Anyone know?

Option to remove event

At least they give you an option to remove the event.

However again, they have and they haven’t. There seems to be a way, but only if the advert is offensive or explicit it seems. This removal system seems horribly implemented…

Facebook fail options

Unless I’m missing something, where’s the option and freedom to just say this advert is irrelevant to you?

How about the simple option to hide it?

I very much doubt the Christmas Carol service has scenes of a sexual nature (ah the irony as there wasn’t any!) or any songs of hatred. Plus I have no evidence to suggest that Citygate Church in Bournemouth is purposely spamming me or harassing me in any way.

So none of those options are useful.

So just pick any of the reasons!

Well yes I suppose could select any of the options and the advert is likely to disappear, but that’s a) a horrible user experience, and more importantly, b) detrimental to the real event. Why should that churches event (or any event) be blocked from advertising simply because users had no other option than to make up reasons why they wanted it hidden.

If you mouse over the [?] box near the title of ‘Upcoming Events’ it tells you that these are nearby events. A hundred plus miles away is not nearby Facebook!

Plus I don’t want to be told of events my friends are going to nearby… unless I’m invited to them. You’ve already built that feature, don’t add nonsensical spamming into the mix to.

Perhaps if 20 friends were going to this then it could be excused for appearing, but the 3 events that I’ve mentioned above had ONE friend attending. I don’t need to be informed of that!

Just me ranting?

I have been known to rant about rather frivolous topics, but what do other people think about this? I’m hoping other people have seen these events pop up?

Have any of them been relevant or even vaguely close to you?

Have they enhanced your user experience of Facebook?

I don’t mind if you completely disagree with me, just love to hear your views.

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