Frosty Photos from Lydiard

I thought I’d get up early today and try and grab some photos of nearby Lydiard Park while it was frosty. I probably missed the best time of the day by about 30 minutes but I reckon I managed to do quite well.

This was the first time I’ve really used by DSLR. I was shooting on a fixed 50mm lens on my Canon 400D.

I was shooting on the default mode and avoiding A-DEP, AV, TV and M modes because I have no idea what they do 🙂

Any feedback, advice or tips? Please drop me a comment below

  1. Paul. If this is your first time with a DSLR, and your running on the default automatic setting then

    a) you’ve got a very good camera
    b) you’re in the wrong job!

    I’m no expert but I reckon I understand more than about 80% of the population about photography, and I think these photos are great. The frost and morning light has given you a number of photographic challenges: high dynamic range (a large range of light and dark), balancing light and shade, and composition. You and your camera have handled these things admirably, and I love your composition, especially where you’ve captured light and used short depth-of-field (the macro shots).

    I would say that the landscapes are a bit flat and underexposed. E.g. The second photo of the house has good light and colour in the sky, but the house and grounds are a bit dull. Perhaps this is the intention of the composition? But you might be able to balance those things better if you take some more control of the settings.

    I’m sure that your friend Mr Lane will offer some more and better advice/opinions, and if he ever runs his course again I would go on it. In the meantime, if you wanted to out a book on your Christmas wish list, ‘Perfect Exposure’ by Michael Freeman is a good start and will help you understand how your camera handles light and shade, and how you can use the environment and the camera to your advantage.

    Great work though, I’m really impressed.

    • Paul Joyce says:

      Haha thanks for the great feedback Ross 🙂 Its a second hand Canon 400D – its easily enough for me at the moment. Dan had mentioned about the ‘golden hour’ concept, so I thought I’d see if I could maximise on that. I’m rather glad I faced the cold morning for it.
      I also found how frustrating it is taking photos within thick gloves on haha.
      I think you’re right about a few of the shots looking quite flat. A few times while taking shots the flash would fire, which I thought was rather odd.
      I did take a few shots in ‘scenery’ mode, represented by a tree icon I think, but I didn’t notice any difference in the results. Does that normally boost greens do you know?
      Lots to learn about the camera and photography in general.

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