Finally seen Bond’s Skyfall

Jame Bonds looking over London in SkyfallSo after a rather scrummy lunch at the local Franky & Bennies, I finally managed to see Daniel Craig in the latest Bond film, Skyfall.

I had put off seeing the film for a couple of reasons, the first was lack of time. Cramming your day with work does not bode well if you’re also trying to find time to watch movies. The second reason was that even though I thought Craig’s first Bond venture in Casino Royale was a true movie classic, his second appearance as Bond in Quantum of Solace definitely left me feeling disappointed.

James Bond is one of those franchises that I fear will be eventually go off the rails and just disappear, or worse, undergo constant failed attempts at relaunches (a bit like the recent Spiderman and Superman films). For this reason I was playing the ingornorence-is-bliss card by not seeing Skyfall.

Either way though, due to a social event ending literally next door to the cinema, a few of us popped in with the last couple of available tickets and watched the action unfold.

Even after seeing all the trailers I can genuinely say that I was truly unaware on the whole 2nd half of the film; I didn’t even know they’d spend a considerable part of the film in Scotland. I thought it’d mainly be the glossy high-life of China, as seen in the trailer.

Thankfully I can say that Daniel Craig is back to his ‘Casino Royale’ standards with great performances, fantastic dialogue and a great storyline. It’s back to the darker side of Bond, a side that really hasn’t been shown much, and a side that in my honest opinion is a more energic and realistic for whom they’re trying to say Bond is.

There’s some great twists to this movie, as well as more than a handful of nods to earlier Bond films, taking it up to but sadly not overtaking Casino Royale as one of the top movies I’ve ever seen.

Judi Dench (playing M) as always, puts in an outstanding performance, she’s a great actress. We meet Bond’s new quartermaster (aka, ‘Q’) and a few other characters too (whom I won’t name), which to me seems that the director/writer is almost using Skyfall to reinvent the Bond franchise. Hopefully if you’ve seen the film you’ll know what I mean, however I won’t say more for fears of spoiling the film for people.

All in all a really good film, definitely up there near Casino Royale, well done Craig ‘n’ Co.

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