Inception (100%)

 and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Leonardo DiCaprio

Unable to return to America to see his kids, Mr Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) must do one last job to clear his name. Failure to clear his name means he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison. Cobb’s only chance of seeing his kids again is to break into the mind of an industrial giant and seed the idea that he, himself, wants to dissolve his father’s energy empire.

If Cobb is caught planting the idea, or the concept is rejected by the power giant Robert Fischer (played by Cillian Murphy), Cobb will be arrested within hours and spend life in prison.

Sounds confusing? Welcome to the world of Inception.

Inception is the term used within the film to mean the planting of a subconscious idea that grows within the subjects own mind to alter their original motive or decision. This is conducted by a team of people constructing a complex dream world within the subjects own conscience; and through interaction or deception within this world, change or steal an object in the mind, that is a metaphor for a thought or memory. When the subject awakens the idea begins to blossom into what the team had planned for.

Man its difficult to explain this film!

— Spoilers Below —

As the team begin their mission inside Robert Fischer’s dream world, Cobb’s own subconscious begins to threaten not only their mission but their very lives.

Iconic corridor scene from Inception

Levitt in the iconic corridor scene from Inception

Dreams within dreams begin to warp your mind and the perceived time in each layer multiples as you move deeper into the subconscious. Several hours in real-time turns into months within the dream world. Lost in ‘limbo’, a layer between the dreams, Mal and Cobb once lived for 55 years, something that caused Mal to lose her grip on reality when they awoke. Racked with guilt of his wife’s suicide, Cobb’s conscious starts to jeopardise everything they aim to achieve. Now the possibility of falling into limbo now threatens everyone’s life, with their only way of escape now to push further into their dangerous mission.

Summary of Inception

This film is an amazing blend of suspense, well done twists, great acting and wonderful special effects. That’s not even to mention the insanely complex and entirely unique story line. How someone can sit down and write this for the first time is well beyond me.

I was going to wrap up by pointing out specific actors who really make this film, but in reality they’ve all put in such strong performances you can’t highlight one above another. Gordon-Levitt and Murphy are two of my favourite actors and its brilliant seeing them performing beside each other.

Bored of the usual Hollywood stories or the novel narrative? Check out Inception! Guaranteed you won’t have come across it before.

Simply put, Inception is a must watch for everyone. Just make sure you’re ready to pay attention!


Inception infographic

Infographic: confused by the passing of time in this multi-layered film? Click on and check out this great little infographic showing how the plot plays out. Made by Daniel Wang.

Director: Christopher Nolan

Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Michael Caine

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