Zombie drinks can. CGI

CGI: Refreshing Zombie Drink

Zombie drinks can. CGI

Remember; a hydrated zombie is a happy zombie.

This is a CGI render I did back last year from following a few online tutorials in Blender, ending up with this little tasty looking drink.

You could say I’m dead proud of it… dead proud… get it…. oh well.

Followed Andrew Price’s tutorial on modelling and lighting this subject, however all modelling and textures are pure, that is, made by myself. (Tutorial here)

It’s definitely not perfect but at a first glance it appears almost photographic… perhaps… well ok maybe if seen through foggy glass while squinting… but still…

I’m getting better. I should attempt to re-do it using the new render engine, Cycles, to see how the lighting and textures are enhanced.

Hope you like it though 🙂

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