Fantasy & Sci-Fi Maps

Hand-drawn maps for D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder and many other RPG systems

World Building Inspiration – Spaceship Exteriors
While my current Starfinder RPG campaign ploughs into the void of space, I continue to collect inspiration and draft up new spaceships to fill the little sci-fi universe. The majority of spaceships my players will never visit and have exteriors they’ll never see, but who doesn’t love building up and
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Painting Challenge: WW2 German Infantry
These were an easy win on my spreadsheet of figures to paint. A handful of WW2 Germany infantry that only needed a little wash thrown over them before I could call them complete. 7x German infantry ‘washed’ and then 2 NPC miniatures painted completely. I should have done a bit
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Painting Challenge: Tyranids and Ankhegs
Recently I posted about the backlog of miniatures I want to make a dent in. Well, high on the spreadsheet are a bunch of Games Workshop Tyranid models that I had bought off Ebay. I purchased them second hand and was going to throw them at my players in a
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Cover shot; mix of paint pots and undercoated miniatures
Painting Challenge 2019
It turns out I need a new project. It also turns out I have almost 800 miniatures, mostly unpainted, from 28mm Games Workshop and Mantic models, down to 15mm Flames of War. There’s a handful of D&D characters, Necromunda and Bloodbowls miniature too. Naturally I want to now get some
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Starfinder Glossary: Gas Clouds
Starfinder 2019 Campaign Glossary
Below is a glossary of terms for my players of the current 2019 ‘Black Hole’ campaign. Hopefully it’ll be maintained as the campaign continues. Publicly you may or may not find this post interesting… but welcome to our little part of the world universe. A big thank you to people
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Secret Dock for the City's Father RPG Map DND
RPG Map: Private Chapel & Secret Dock
Father Ouin-ti the 2nd was always seen as a mysterious fellow, but ever since his disappearance things have become… stranger. The most recent has come after cartographers managed to map his chapel. The Senii Chapel that he was known for giving marathon long private sermons in, has been found to
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The lower level of a pyramid. Drawn by hand. Used for D&D or Fantasy RPGs
D&D Map: The Desert Temple
As you head out of Alexandite’s Eastern gatehouse, the Kassan desert begins to stretch out before you for what looks like eternity. The white washed buildings with their fabric awnings give way to sun baked yellow sands. Dune after dune, fills your vision. Separating the yellow from the cloudless blue.
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D&D Map: The City’s Sewers
Deep under Alexandite’s feasting halls, her shops selling golden titbits and the elaborate drinking establishments… you’ll find the Okhohli – children of the sewer-streets. While the streets above may be cobbled and swept, down below you must be careful where you tread. Falling into the “city’s veins” is usually the
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A hand-drawn RPG DnD map of City Aquifers
D&D Map: The City’s Aquifer
Away from the sweltering heat of the Anasgi sun, the aquifers under the Alexandite city square run cool and crystal clear. They run for miles, from the Doorway of Waters high in the mountains, out into the Kassan desert to the East. Channelled under the city to preserve it from
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2019 World Building Competition
At the start of the year I was pleasantly surprised that my fantasy RPG Twitter account, @JoyceGaming, had reached 500 followers. People were enjoying my hand-drawn fantasy maps and my general RPG ramblings I was posting. TL>DR: Jump down and read how to enter. The competition is now closed. Two
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My RPG Cartography Kit
It’s quite flattering that I get asked on an almost weekly basis what pens, paper or other equipment I use to draw my RPG maps. I didn’t ever think I’d be in a place to make suggestions on ‘art supplies’, but then I never thought people would like to see
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D&D plot hook starting adventure in a tavern
18 Tavern Rumours for your Player Characters to overhear
Players who frequent Taverns and Inn are likely to find themselves shoulder-to-shoulder with many faces, races and cultures. If they’re stopping off in the bustling city of Neverwinter, or lodging in the quiet Stonehill Inn of Phandalin, there’s nearly always something for your player characters to overhear. With myself and
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